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a beautiful work of art
I received the Harvey Ellis bookcase today and to call it a beautiful work of art would be a gross understatement. The grain of the quarter-sawn oak is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you so very much for convincing me and assuring me as well to purchase the high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime.
Janet H.
extremely nice and knowledgeable
I recently visited your showroom after browsing your website. I was helped by Marilyn and never once felt the "hard sales pitch" that I have felt before in other furniture stores. She helped me for over an hour and was extremely nice and knowledgeable. I returned the following Friday and purchased the Stickley dining room set that she had shown us. I was so impressed by Marilyn and your store that I did not feel the need to look at any other stores! Thanks and we will definitely be back!
Courtney H.
Stickley Styles
Stickley Traditional Furniture
Stickley Traditional
Throughout history furniture has made an impact on people and reminds us of memories and treasured moments. Stickley furniture creates unique pieces that become timeless future family heirlooms.
Stickley Contemporary Furniture
Contemporary Styles
A wonderful piece carries through time and adds to a home. Stickleys desire is to create heirlooms, treasured pieces that carry beauty, practicality and history.
Stickley Modern Furniture
Modern Furniture
Stickley furniture is built with quality and excellent craftsmanship. With a fine focus on features like dovetail cross rails and tenons, Stickleys hold to the best methods to insure quality and durability.
About Stickley Furniture:

Stickley furniture has made a lasting impression in the furniture industry and in people's homes. Starting in the early 20th century, the Stickleys believed that their products should be genuine; lasting pieces that could be past down and treasured. Stickley has a devotion to letting the pieces speak for themselves and letting their intricate design and workmanship shine through.

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